Currently in the UK there is a shortage of nursing staff. This shortfall has allowed nursing agencies to charge exorbitant & unsustainable prices.


Cito Healthcare professionals (HCP) seeks to resolve this. As an online platform our aim is to empower care/nursing homes with an inexpensive & transparent solution to their staffing needs.


Cito HCP provides the new way to seamlessly book Registered Nurses.


Simply create an assignment brief, post it, watch it get accepted and completed by a RGN.


From the offset, care/nursing homes will benefit from;


  • -Reduced staffing costs
  • -Direct access to Registered Nurses in their area
  • -Quick assignment acceptance
  • -24/7 access to the Cito-HCP platform


Nurses that use Cito HCP, with the use of modern technology Nurses are able to take control of their own working schedules and utilise their skills and spare capacity to help where there is a shortage of nurses.


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